Personal Life Edit

Kayleigh Kitson is a Promotions Representative at the supermarket she and John work at. In her free time she goes out with her friends, visits her family, walks her dog Misty with her neighbour Ken, goes on dates with people she meets on 'Heart Searches', and attends Sh'Bam fitness classes.

Biography Edit

Kayleigh was born and raised in Newquay, Cornwall but moved to Manchester cause she was bored of it. she hinted she fancied John tons of times

Extra Trivia Edit

Kayleigh is a big fan of Christmas. From SE1E01 she tells John she really wants to be on his Christmas team and mentions that she's already making her Christmas CD for that year. She's also a fan of Beyoncé, Cannon and Ball, and the Now 48 album which is her favourite album ever.

Kayleigh can drive and owns a car with a dogging sticker on it reading 'Dogging's for life, not just for Christmas' - this is because she thought dogging was just dog-walking.